Belarusian Authorities Refused To Register Christian Democratic Movement


The Ministry of Justice refused to register the Republican public association “Christian Democratic Movement”. According to the head of the non-profit organizations department Aliona Kirychenka, the association’s charter does not follow the law.

In particular, said the Ministry’s representative, the CDM charter states that the organization “unites the citizens of the Republic of Belarus to implement civic, social, cultural and other rights” and that the Public associations law states that “the citizens form a public association to fulfill immaterial needs and the charter’s aims”, – the CDM informed

“The paragraph 2.1 of the charter also states that one of the aims of CDM is to defend the rights and legal interests of the citizens. This statement contradicts the paragraph 20 of the Law, according to which public associations have a right to defend defend the rights and legal interests and to represent legal interests of their members in legal institutions”, – Aliona Kirychenka says.

At the same time, the CDM constituent committee’s chairperson Volha Kavalkova, this aim is listed in the charters of several already registered public associations, e.g. of Belarusian Women Union, headed by the Minister of Labour and social security Maryanna Shchotkina.

“We will definitely appeal this decision to the Supreme Court. It is obvious that the Ministry of Justice failed to find an excuse for a refusal because the papers were well-prepared, that is why the invented such nonsence. Law does not prohibit defense of the citizens’ rights and interests”, – she stressed.

The CDM constituent committee’s deputy chairperson Maksim Hacak said that despite the fact that CDM had not been registered the association will continue working and implementing the previously started campaigns, such as counteralcoholization and promotion of Belarusian language in schoold and kindergartens.

The Belarusian Christian Democracy party constituent committee cochairman Vital Rymasheuski stated that “the Belarusian regime failed the liberalization test”. “On the background of lack of positive changes in Belarus the final cessation of sanctions will look like a defeat of the counterauthoritarian policy of European countries”, – he added.