Belarusian Christian Leaders Held Joint Service

тыдзень (22)

An ecumenical service, which ended the Catholic Christian unity prayer week, took place on 23 January at the Holy Virgin Mary archcathedral in Minsk. The subject of the Week was “Called to herald the Lord’s great deeds”.

The Archbishop of Minsk and Mahilyou Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the head of education and cathechization department of Minsk diocese of the Belarusian Orthodox Church f. Aliaksnadr Shymbaliou, the pastor of Hrodna Luhteran community Uladzimir Tatarnikau, the executive director of the Bible Society in Belarus Ihar Mikhailau, the deputy chairman of the Evangelic Baptist Christians Union bishop Aliaksandr Lotarau, the Apostolic visitator to Belarusian Greek Catholics archmandrite Siarhei Gajek, the bishop-suffragan of Minsk-Mahilyou archdiocese Yury Kasabutski participated in the service.

Everyone present supported the development of interdenominational links which will bring the true unity in the future.

By opening the service Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz stressed the fact that the reason for the representatives of different denominations to gather in the church was evident: “We believe in the same Gospel”.

Protopriest Aliaksandr Shymbaliou noted the importance of following the Word of God in every Christian’s life. “The Gospel enters our life and transforms it. When all Christians bring this message with them, everybody will go together”, – he mentioned.

The executive director of the Bible Society in Belarus Ihar Mikhailau emphasized the fact that the mission of Christians is to tell about Christ and to bring the Gospel to other people’s souls.

“The world dies without Christ, with the love to God, that is why we have to be the life that witnesses Him, – reminded Bishop Lotarau. – We cannot stay silent knowing that thousands of people will end up in Hell without knowing God”.

The ecumenical service culminated in with kindling candles form a single light.

Photos by Paval Hadzinski