Official Survey: 9% Belarusians Are Active Worshippers


Only 9% Belarusians belonging to any religion are active worshippers, i.e. are active participants in a service (6%), following all rituals and sacraments (3%), the survey states made by Information Analytical center by the President administration.

According to the survey, 63.5% of respondents believe in God, another 5% – in supernatural forces. 22% could not certainly describe their religious affiliation and 8.5% are not believers, BelTA reports.

83% believers consider themeselves Orthodoxes, 9.5% – Catholics, 2% – others. 5% beliveres do not belong to any denomination.

To the respondents belonging to any confession the most important elements are following religious commandments (87%) and prayer (82%). To confess, to attend services and to receive communion is necessary to at least 73% respondents, to fast and to read holy books – 65%, to observe religious holidays – 3%.

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