Ministry Of Justice Ceases BCD Registration

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The consituent committe of the BCD Party received a reply from the Ministry of Justice for the BCD registration application, signed by the minister deputy Siarhei Zadziran on 24 December 2015.

According to the reply, the Ministry needs additional documents to make a decision and that the Ministry consequently “ceases BCD state registration”. The BCD constituent committee replied the request.

“It is obvious that the regime, which awaits the visa restrictions on governmental officials to be lifted, direly needs to buy some time, to “freeze” the situation with BCD registration. The decision is postponed towards February, the time when the EU is going to make their decision considering the sanctions on Belarusian officials. Belarusian Christian Democracy declares: hindering the process and “registration cessation” are illegal. The Ministry of Justice is obliged by the law to make its decision in the space of a month after application of the party registration documents, which means now. There are no legal reasons to postpone or to “cease” the registration of BCD”, – the Christian Democrats state.

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