Belarusian Authorities: Certain Catholic Priests Act Destructively

міліцыя касцёл

Certain Catholic priests who are Bealrusian citizens act destructively in their work with people, claimed Lenaid Hulyaka, the Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities, at his office meeting on 2 February.

“These facts remain unseen by local authorities, but structural departments of religions and nationalities and other services should pay closer attention to these problems and take measures for their prevention”, – he said according to BelTA. At the same time, he hadn’t clarified the type of these acts.

Leanid Hulyaka also claimed that in 2015 the rules of residence for foreign citizens were violated by some priests.

The official expressed his wish to meet with the Conference of Catholic bishops nad to discuss the incidents. The vice-premier Natallya Kachanava said that destructive activities on behalf of priests cannot be tolreated.

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