Catholic Priest: First They Destroyed Religion, Then They Are Talking About Bad Staff Training

Кароль Томецкий

Lack of priest vocation in Belarus is a result of long war against religion and traditional morals in the country. This was stated by a Polish Catholic priest Karol Tomecki, who had served for a long time in Mahiliou region of Belarus, in his interview to considering the statement of the Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities Leanid Hulyaka about the Catholic Church in Belarus doing insufficient work in training new priests.

“Soon it wil be 99 years as Belarusian state (because RB fully accepts its succession) methodically eradicates all morals, religious institutes and education. Just so, because socialistic morals, according to which everything helping global revolution is good, are not morals at all. And there isn’t any other and one shouldn’t powder our brains with some “patriotism” which had shown its capabilities in Donbass. All religious institutions had been almost eliminated in November of 1937, thus stopping the passing on religious experience. I won’t say anything about religious buildings”, – he said.

According to him, high-quality education has been fully destroed, because “technical and military specializations don’t count in this respect”, as well as economical education which “serves only thievery and statistical lies”.

“And in this situation it is revealed that the Catholic Church “has a bad saff policies”. Any objections? Yes, there are, and many. But they all reduced to one. This regime considers the Church a franchise. Even not every business franchise will come to Belarus, and the Church is not a franchise and a priest is not a profiteer, he won’t enter every deal if money is paid. If ther is lack of such persons, that is for the best. We don’t need such types. But we have survived the Soviet pogrom and we will survive this one”, – concluded the priest.