Sevyarynets: Authorities Should Carry Catholic Church Shoulder-High


While evaluating the activities of the Catholic Roman Church in Belarus the office of the Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities, acting in the worst Soviet traditions, are trying to tell the Church what to do, while their main function is to cooperate with the Church.

Such opinion was expressed by the co-chairman of the constitutive commitee of the BCD party Paval Sevyarynets to a correspondent, when he was commneting on the statements of the Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities Leanid Hulyaka about the Catholic Roman Church in Belarus, about insufficient priest training and destructive actions.

According to Sevyarynets, the Catholic Church is a very dynamic structure, which plays a significant role in Belarusian society and vivdly reacts to its necessities. “Belarusian authorities should carry the Catholic church shoulder-high”, – he said. According to him, the same thing can be said about the Orthodox Church. While talking about the Catholic Church, the authorities are obviously trying to put pressure on the Roman Catholic Church. Now it is hard to understand why such pressure is put on the Catholic Church and what these accusations certainly mean, the BCD co-chairman added.

On 2 February Leanid Hulyaka claimed that several foreign priests do not know Belarusian state languages, that the Catholic priests from Poland had committed numeorus minor offences and that several Belarusian priests act distructively in working with people, BelTA reports.