Bishop Butkievich: Are We Dealing With Stick-and-Carrot Method?


The authorities’ concerns about the Catholic priesthood being understaffed can be understood – every government act according to its political course, said the Catholic bishop of Vitsiebsk Aleh Butkievich in his interview to

He also noted that today this “concern” sounds especially strange considering the fact that relatively not long ago the applicant to the spiritual seminary must wait form five to fifteen years for the authorities’ permission. The athorities’ reproaches for the Catholic Church recruting new priests not active enoughsound at least absurd, the bishop claimed.

“Priest is not a profession in a secular sense. The major motive to become a priest is vocation. The other component is a man’s positive response to the God’s call. Even if those who chose medical profession, which on par with professions of a priest and of a teacher also requires vocation, are today deprived of any privileges, then more taking orders requires takes a balanced decision, especially if this decision must be made in circumstances not suited to this service”, – the bishop added.

Considering an inappropriate behavior of certain priests the bishop admitted that everybody is equal before the law and that everybody bears responsibility before it.

“A public statement about “destructive activity” even of “several priests” bdrings thoughts that the Catholic Church is a potentially danferous structure. Of course, the state admits a positive role of the Church in our society. Are we dealing with a stick-and-carrot tactics?” – bishop Butkievich asks.

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