Another Six Belarusian Saints Became Revered By Whole ROC

сабор, Масква

At the Archpriest Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, which closed on 3 February at the Council chamber of the Christ the Savior Church in Moscow, the church calendar comission decided to make six Belarusian saints generally revered by the whole ROC.

Saint Yelisey of Lavrishau, saint Martin of Turau, saint prince Rostislav (christ.Mikhail) of Smolensk, saint Mina, the bishop of Polotsk, saint Simeon, the bishop of Polotsk and the first bishop of Tver, and saint princess Sofia of Slutsk were added to the list of generally revered saints, reports.

After studying the biographies of these saints, the synodal commission for beatification asked the Synod of ROC to revere them globally.

The archpriest council also approved the Synod’s decision to create Minsk metropoly and Barysau, Maladziechna, Slutsk and Lida dioceses of the Belarusian Orthodox Church.

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