Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz: It’s Modern Man’s Tragedy That He Lost Sense Of Sin


The Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahiliou Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz addressed Catholics before the Great Fasting which starts on 10 February, on the Ash Wednesday.

The hierarch reminds that this Fasting is a special one, because it takes place in the Year of Mercy, experienced by the Catholic Church by the initiative of Pope Francis. “We are all reprobates, the Original sin had deformed our human nature nad in the result we are prone to sin. We know what is good but at the same time we do evil. The Great Fasting is the time given us by God to mend our spiritual life and for that we have to recognize our sinful essence”, – the Metropolitan says, reminding that the modern human tragedy is that he ” lost the sence of sin”.

“The truth of sin should be known to understand the truth of God’s mercy”, – the Metropolitan reminds the words of Pope Francis, adding that “evil spirit tries to dim our consciousness that we won’t be able to tell truth from evil”.

While reflecting on spiritual and evangelization work during the Mercy Year, the Archbishop Kondrusiewicz tells about the neccessity of “telling a sinner who understands the sense of sin from those who don’t”, explaining that the latter are usually the people who say “everybody lives like that”, “there are other times”, “there aren’t Middle Ages now”. The hierarch also warns the Catholics about double standards, when a person considers itself faithful, preys, attends church, makes good deeds but at the same time admits that he or she would sin if there weren’t a God’s punishment.

The hierarch calls the faithful “not to lick one’s spiritual wounds, while falling into a trap of moral relativism, but to surrender to the scalpel of the merciful divine surgeon, who will cure us from a deadly spiritual cancer through the sacrament of repentance”.

One shouldn’t succumb to temptations even to those which seem harmless, – the Metropolitan warns, because every addiction begins from a small one. “We all have something that becomes a tin god to us, draws our attention. The Great Fasting is a good time to find and recognize these idols, to revoke them. It must be done not ony because diet is good to our health. It must be done because of love to Christ”.

While talking about the problem of lack of time for prayer, the Metropolitan advises to find it by dropping some activity at least during the Fasting and to attend special Cross Path recollections.

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