BAOC Priest: It Is Important That Pope And Patriarch Meeting Would Not Become Propaganda Act


The meeting of Pope Francis and the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill in Cuba can be praised only when it “won’t be an ROC propaganda act and will bring any positive developments in th elife of Christian churches”, said Leanid Akalovich, the dean of St. Euphrosyne parish of the Belarusian orthodox Autocephalous Church, in his interview to

In the meantime, the proest says, “the haste with which the meeting place of the hierarchs of the Catholic and Moscow Orthodox Churches is surprising”. “Why couldn’t they settle on meeting somewhere in Europe nad notin Cuba in Havan airport?”, – the BAOC representative asks while doubting that “a passing meeting at an international airport can make any difference to the Christian world”.

“The visit of the Moscow patriarch to Cuba was planned to somehow prevent Cubans from a full rupture with Russia in connection with lifting US sanctions on Cuba. Russia herself wants to get rid of sanctions caused by her aggression in Ukraine, conquest of Crimea and Donbass”, – f. Akalovich argues. According to him, “the unexpected meeting of two leaders of different beliefs, the first meeting almost in a thousand years, during Pope’s Francis visit to Mexico brings doubts in preparedness and results of such a meeting at the airport”.

According to him, the character of such a meeting is more political than  a religious one: “Russian Orthodox Church wants to be a leader of the Orthodox world, that is why it intervenes (and even took over canonical territories of other Churches in Ukraine-Rus and Belarus-Lithuania) and wants to intervene in ecclesiastic affairs in the Middle East, Africa and America today”.

“Under a pretext of protection of Christian population (similar to the “protection of Russian people” in Ukraine) in the aforementioned regions the Archpriest Council of ROC called on 3 February to make this year the year of special efforts in saving Christians from a true genocide”, – the priest says and argues that “the prestige of Russian Orthodox Church decreases from day to day, the faithful convert to other denominations, as well as the international prominence of Russian Church and Russia herself due to their corruption, aggression, militarism, annexion, diversions and covert terrrorism”.

F. Leanid illustrates his thought about ROC’s insincerity  with the fact that “The Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew had already met Pope Francis and that caused numerous attack on Patriarch Bartholomew among aggressive Moscow believers”.

At the same time, Belarusian Greek Catholic Church representatives do not comment on the upcoming meeting. “We are only praying for “the good fruits” of the meeting, observing the official communicat of the Holy See and the Moscow Patriarchate. We trust this meeting in the hands of St. Apostles Cyrill and Methodius, on the eve of theie feast”, – mentioned Archmandrite Syarhey Gajek in his commentary to