Bishop Kashkievich: Trying God Is Daily Temptation

КашкевічIn his address to the faithful, dedicated to the beginning of the Great Fasting, which begins on 10 February on the Ash Wednesday, the Bishop of Hrodna Aliaksandr Kashkievich argues that “this rite, rich in its essence, reminds of human weakness, fragility and transiency”.

“The Great Fasting is the time of grace given to us by God so that we would rediscover the truth about the infiniteness of God’s mercy through dwelling on His suffering, death and resurrection”, – the hierarch reminds adn sresses that every day every person faces the same temptations – “temptation of acquisition, possession and multiplication of transient worldly goods at any cost”, reports.

“If you are the son of God, throw yourself down”, – the hierarchs reminds the words form the Gospel of Luke and explains that they are about the temptation to try God, in other words, about the lack of faith, about the the temptation to impose one’s will on God.

“It is necessary during the Great Fasting to analyze our conscience and to ask ourselves: are we follwing Christ’s example of His loyalty to God the Father and obedience to His word?” – bishop Kashkievich asks.

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