Expert: New Stage Of Relations Begins Between Catholic Church In Belarus And State

Наталля ВасілевічWhile commenting on the reaction of the Belarusian Catholic Church to the accusations made by the plenoptentiary for religions and nationalities Leanid Hulyaka Natallya Vasilevich, the diretor of Ecumena center, the editor of Tsarkva portal, a theologist and publicist, points at a more harsh rhetorics of the Catholics hierarchs in comparison with their last year’s reaction to similar insinuations made by Hulyaka.

By comparing the previous statement of Catholic bishop made in response to Hulyaka’s statement about inappropriacy of Polish priests’ presence in Belarus with the recent one, where the hierarchs only “found necessary to point out some facts” in Hulyaka’s statements, Natallya Vasilevich calls the recent statement “a harsher one, because with it the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church denounce any possible jurisdiction of the plenoptentiary or Belarusian authorities and assert their autonomy”.

The Orthodox publicist characterizes the bishops’ statement that “teaching new priests is the Church’s exclusively internal affair” and their offer to discuss the priests’ “destructive behavior” at a “private meeting” as the Catholic Church’s attitude to refuse competence in ecclesiastic affairs to any secular authority.

“There re no emotions, – Natallya Vasilevich emphasizes, – only a clear constatation: it is exclusively internal affair and we are not going to discuss it with you”.

“It seems that we are witnessing the beginning of the new stage of relations between the Catholic Church in Belarus and Belarusain state”, – the publicist sums up.

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