Homiel Orthodox Dioces Decided To Pay Closer Attention To Social Media

Гомель, епархіяThe collegium of the Information department of Homiel Orthodox diocese had met on 9 February at the administrative room of the Transfiguration Church in Homiel. The meeting was dedicated to the cooperation between the Churcha and the media.

At the beginning of the meeting protopriest Aleh Kastrama, the chairman of the department, reminded the words of Patriarch Kirill, saying that the modern man’s life is concentrated in the social media, including the life of the congregation’s most active part – young people. “We ae not allowed not to be in places where pur flock is or may be”, – the priest reminded the Patriarch’s words, eparhiya.by reports.

In his virtual address to the participants of the meeting the Chairman of the Synodal information departmen of the Belarusian Exarchate Syarhey Liepin highlighted the main requirements for cooperation of ecclesiastic press service and secular media, while stressing the necessity of participating in discussion, including the one on social media.

Secular journalists – the employees of the regional newspaper “Gomielskaya pravda” and the regional director of the First National Channel Volha Khaladovich – also participated in the meeting.

An Orthodox social network called “Yelitsy” was also presented at the meeting by its director Valery Chapulakhin, who said that “Yelitsy” is a modern platform for establishing relations between Orthodox believers worldwide and for development of parochial life.

Today, 20 000 people had registered on this network and 130000 regularily visit it, Chapulakhin told. According to him, “Yelitsy” had been designed for priests and neophytes alike.

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