BCD Activists Collected Signatures In Defense Of Life


During the In Defense Of Life campaign the BCD constituent committee gathered signatures under the petition for the change of the abortion law in Maladziechna.

On the assembly of 12 December 2015 BCD put the defense of life as one of the most important priorities of the committee, thus beginning the second stage of the national campaign “In Defense Of Life”, bchd.info reports.

As Paval Prakapovich, the BCD Minsk region coordinator, noted, the first stage of the campaign allowed to abolish almost all social condition for abortion, gave medics the right to deny abortion, and medical institutions had been obliged to conduct psychological counselling for women whodecided to undergo abortion procedure.

“Even a single changed decision of a future mother, a single lived saved will give a certain purpouse to our work”, – added Raman Hancharou, the BCD coordinator in Maladziechna.

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