Event Dedicated To Abort Victims Held In Vitsiebsk On Valentine’s Day

свечка памяціOn 14 February an event dedicated to unborn children and to the right for life of a person simce the moment of its conception called “A candle of memory, a candle of hope” took place in Vitsiebsk near the Orthodox Pokrovski church.

The event was organized by the volunteers of a group “Line of Life”, that originated on social networks, and by passers-by who joined them. The participants lit candles in memory of children killed in their mothers’ wombs. During the event young people from the “Line of Life”, more than 40 people, were giving away thematical pamphlets, vitprav.by reports.

The idea of the event had been supported by social department of Vitsiebsk diocese and the priests of Voskresenski church.

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