Bishop Tsvor: Contrary To God’s Will Men Become Effeminate


On 14 February a holiday called “Being Father Is a Blessing” took place at the Pentecostal church “Grace” in Minsk. During the service the heads of the church instructed faithful men to be real fathers, to pray for their children and wives.

Syarhey Tsvor, the bishop of the United Church of Evangelic Faith Christians, reminded in his sermon “God-given role of a husband and a father” that the Lord gave a leading role to husbands, but this role doesn’t abase a wife, reports.

“A man must love his wife, to be the leader and the breadwinner of a family, to keep everything under his control, to care for his family. If a man doesn’t fulfill this mission, he doesn’t receive a blessing. A man is happy if in the morning he wants to go to work and to go home in the evening. There are so many men who are prone to lasiness, who are a burden to their wives. If a man is passive, flaccid, it brings many problems. Wives of real men are happy and other wives have to be strong and tough”, – the bishop reminded.

The primate of the Church also emphasized how important it is not to allow a genderquake: “God wants a woman to remain a woman, having had divided the genders”, thus stressing a negative trend of “effimination” of many modern men.

The srvice ended with a prayer for men.

The next Sunday, on 21 February, the srvice will be dedicated to women – wives, mothers and sisters.

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