Iryna Dubianeckaja: New Bible Translation Will Be Collective, Which Is Better Than Individual One

Ірына Дубянецкая

A doctor of theology, aHebrew expert and Bible expert Iryna Dubianeckaja has announced a new Belarusian Bible translation initiative.

“Belarus is the only country that doesn’t have its own full translation of the Holy Writing into its national language”, – Iryna Dubianeckaja says, telling that a groupof enthusiasts has started a project that has two worknames – “New Belarusian Bible” and “Skaryna-21”, – Radio Vaticana reports.

According to the scientist, the new translation must be made to a very good Belarusian with the consideration of the text’s literature peculiarities. “Usually something is being omitted, – he explains. – For instance, in psalms we don’t hear poetry, but it is there and sometimes it gives its own messages. The Bible is composed from texts of very different genres, they are written in a different style, – it must be represented in the translation”.

Iryna Dubianeckaja says that a collective approach is better than an individual one: “Ten people easily translate a passage in the Gospel prolog as “I am unworthy to undo His sandals” when one of them says that the texts is about one sandal and that it makes difference”.

Ten people are working through Skype on the joint translation. These people are Hebrew experts, classic philologists, theologists, Bible experts – Belarusian translators from the Czech Republic, the US, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Belarus.

The team works simultaneously on the New and Old Testaments, the Genesis and the Gospel of John. The tema plans to finish translating those two books in 2017.

Iryna Dubianeckaja considers the translation of the Bible into Belarusian the most important work: “We will alway be on the margin if we don’t learn this essential text, if we don’t absorb it into our culture, its tissues and capillaries, – the process that had taken place in all countries built on the basis of Christianity”.

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