Has New Editor-In-Chief, CCJB Has New Head

Семінар у Бабруйску 6

On 24 February at the session of the Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers new CCJB head and editor-in-chief had been elected.

Thus, the previous CCJB head Maksim Haćak became the head of instead of Anatol Šyrvel who in turn has became the head of CCJB. Such decision was made to improve the portal’s editorial office and to stir up CCJB social activity.

The results of the portal’s work for 2014-2015 had been also discussed and the plans for 2016 had been made.

Besides, Maksim Haćak called Belarusian Christian journalists to support the new stage of Belarusian Pro-Life campaign that has strated in the late 2015 and which is aimed at providing new possibilities for protection of lives of conceived children.