Minsk Woman Won 230 000 $, Will Donate Part To Sick Child


Taććiana Ziankievič had won the largest lottery prize in the history if independent Belarus – 230000$. She had became a winner of the main round of the 568th issue of Superloto national sports lottery.

The winner and her husband Zmićier were presened the certificate by Aliaksandr Hahijeǔ, the deputy minister of sports and tourism, BelTA reports.

The family brings up two daughters: the older one will soon be 20 and her parents will help her to buy her own flat, while the junior one wants to spend the money on an animal shelter.

The parents want to help people and decided to spend 1500$ on medical treatment for little Aliona Staćevič who suffers from a 4th-degree neuroblastoma.

Another 1000$ the couple will donate to the St. Srafim of Sarov Church.

Taććiana Ziankievič had been givn the lucky ticket by her husband, and the family found out about the prize in the late evening of 3 January.

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