Father Superior Of Belarusian Monastery Refused To Pray For Patriarch Because Of Havana Meeting


Father Superior Amvrosi of St. Zosima  in Vialikaja Krakotka village addressed the Archbishop of Navahrudak and Slonim Hury a letter concerning the meeting of Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis on 12 February in Havana.

He called the declarations signed in Cuba “a nationalwide preaching of ecunenism heresy in the style of the Balamand Union”. “That is why I am obliged to file a protest requiring the soonest Ciuncil examination. The protest will be expressed through the refusal of praying for the Patriarch in services, which cannot be considered as succession from the Church”, – Father Superior stated.

He also called Archbishop Hury to stand in defense of “the Church unity from a pernicious heresy of ecumenism”.

In response Archbishop Hury said that “there is no heresy in the fact of meeting itself”. “Fortunately, there wasn’t any joint service or joint church rites, any changes in canon or dogmas of Orthodox Christinaity hadn’t been discussed”, – the Archbishop explains, while adding that “one should not take human contacts for canonical changes”.