Belarusian Capucin Brothers Will Be Pastors Catholic Belarusians In Vilnius


F. Alieh Šenda OFM, the guardian of Capucin Belarusian Custody, signed an agreement with the Bishop of Vilnius Gintaras Grušas on 19 February, according to which the Capucins of the Belarusian Custody will serve as pastors at St. Bartholomew parish in Vilnius, reports.

The St. Bartholomew Catholic Church’s address is Uzuoe str., 17a.

Today the capital of Lithuania has more than 20 Catholic parishes, most of them are simultaneously using Polsh and Lithuanian languages.

According to the Bishop of Vilnius, it would be reasonable if Capucins from Belarus became pastors for Belarusian Catholics who are permanent residents of Vilnius.

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