Entrepreneurs’ Demonstration In Minsk Concluded With Prayer Near Red Church


On 28 February in Minsk another entrepreneurs’ meeting took place. About 300 people participated in it, outraged by Decree No. 222 and rising public services fees. The meeting began at Kastryčnickaja square and then moved to Niezaliežnasci square.

During the meeting theatre director Volha Nikalajčyk staged a performance called “Market-222”: she brought a bag full of products, that had gotten spoiled in the time entrepreneurs weren’t working, to hand to the country’s leader, Radio Svaboda reports.

By the initiative of Paval Sieviaryniec, the BCD co-chairman, the participants of the meeting voted to join the entrepreneurs’ protest march of March, 14. He also called to avoid reciprocal criticism and accusations.

From Kastryčnickaja square the partiipants of the meeting went to Niezaliežnasći square. Aliaksandr Makajeǔ, one of the leaders of “Razam” solidarity movement took responsibility for the procession. Near the Red Church protestants claimed that Aleksandr Lukashenko’s leadership of the country is illegitimate. The meeting concluded with a prayer for Belarus.

During the meeting nobody had been detained but protocols had been filed for several participants. The next entrepreneurs’ meeting is scheduled for 14 March.

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