2 March


400 years ago, on 2 March, 1616

The army of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, headed by Samuel Korecki, defeated Moldovian army near Khotyn.

185 years ago, on 2 March, 1831

A battle between rebels and Russian army took place near Pulawy.

120 years ago, on 2 March, 1896

A Belarusian Catholic priest, a public activist, the author of “Bielaruskaja Krynica” Stanislaw Hliakoǔski (1896-1941) was born.

85 years ago, on 2 March, 1931

A Belarusian architect and expert of arts Lianina Mironava was born.

5 years ago, on 2 March, 2011

A Belarusian film director Valiery Rubinčyk (1940-2011) died.

A Belarusian children’s writer Tadziana Kliaśornaja (1932-2011) died.

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