Exorcist: Belarusians Specifically Prone To SIns Of Envy, Egotism And Hatred

Аляксандр Жарнасек

While explaining the issues of possession and low resistence to demons, the dean of the Vorša Catholic parish of St. Joseph f. Aliaksandr Žernasiek, the exorcist of Viciebsk diocese, says that the evil spirit usually influences a person and destroys his or her relations with God when there is a prerequisite for it – “an easy sinful life”.

According to the exorcist, some instances of possession reveal when a person indulges his or her interest in magic and occultism, citydog.by reports.

While talking about cases when, for instance, during the exorcist’s prayer “a woman begins to speak with a manly voice, tells things she cannot know even theoretically or speaks a language unknown to her”, the priest emphasizes that many of such people are not possessed but mentally ill. In such cases, the priest says, first of all he tries to find out “what kind of person it is, how he or she lives, what are his or her relations with God”.

“People usually think that when you sin God gets angry and may even punish you. But the thing is that the sin itself is the presence of the evil spirit. Thus, when a person sins he or she is already uner the influence of the evil spirit, though this influence is not yet obvious”, – the priest speculates, seeing the biggest problem in the fact that people are afraid of possession but not living “in mortal sin, though, seemingly, nothing happens”.

“An easy sinful life brings makes a person isolated from God”, – says f. Žernasiek talikng about people “who justify their behavior and say that they have God somewhere in their heart, but these words are empty, they know no God, and a demon had isolated them from God long time ago. But because nothing terrible happens in their lives, it seems to them that nothing must be changed”.

“If a person has no adequate religious life, ther is no sense in driving demons away”, – the exorcist emphasizes, while ecplaining that not only visits to witches, doing yoga, reading Blavatskaya’s works, but shallow everyday values, trickery and cohabitation may become a cuse for possession.

The priest sees one of the reasons of disposition to sin in the peculiarities of the national mentality: “Our Belarus is not as peaceful and blue-eyed as it may sometimes seem. There is a lot of black magic in Belarus because our people is specially prone to the sins of envy, egotism and hatred”.

While talking about the possessed’s ability to fight the evil themselves, the priest is sure: even when it seems that a person has no control over himself, while during the attack he can’t control his tongue – even being possessed he or she can reach God when he or she understands his or her isolation from God and makes steps towards understanding and repentance.

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