Hrodna Catholics And Orthodoxes Hosted Charity Events

Карытас, Гродна

On 28 February an Easter fair “Caritas 2016”, organized by the regional charity organization, took place in Hrodna at the Holy Redeemer church. Caritas volunteers prepared different hand-made goods for the fair, such as Easter cards, traditional Caritas candles, toys, homemade backed goods.

The parishioners actively participated in the fair as well, by buying goods and simply making donations, reports.

On the same day a charity event “BlagoVozik”, organized by Hrodna Orthodox Charity society, took place at one of the city’s supermarkets,

With the help of buyers volunteers gathered foodstuff for poor families, while handing leaflets to the citizens and explaining which fppdstuff is needed and to whom it will be given.

As a result, 9 trolleys of pasta, sugar, buckwheat, sweets and tea had been gathered.