Ministry Of Justice Refused BCD Registration For 6th Time

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The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus has refused to register Belarusian Christian Democracy Party for the sixth time. Including several public associations, it has already been the 22-nd refusal to register Christian Democrats in Belarus.

According to the ministry, harsh violations had been commited dueing the party’s registration. Psrticularily, during a selective check-up sevral citizens named as the pary’s constitutors claimed that they have nothing to do with the party. It is worth mentioning, that previously BCD claimed that its consitutors were being put under pressure.

Moreover, the Minsitry’s representatives claimed that several citizens are listed on the consitutor’s list multiple times and that wrong personal information for others had been given. Besides, not all constitutors were citizens of Belarus.

BCD representatives called the refusal illegal and the reasons cliched and unproven. They also mentioned that they still hasn’t received official response from the Ministry, though since the moment of filing the registration application 2,5 months had passed instead of regulated one. The information on the Ministry site appeared only after BCD had filed an appeal to the State Control Committee and notified media about it.

The BCD constituent committee is going to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. “Belarus is remaining the only European country where Christian Democrates don’t have a state accreditation. Despite this, Belarusian Christian Democrats will continue their activities to change this regime. BCD will be registered, during this regime or after its fall”, – states the party’s constituent committee.

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