Belarusian Chime May Be Acknowledged As Inangible Cultural Heritage By UNESCO

Алена Шацько

Aliona Šaćko, the author the of the first and yet the only Belarusian work on campanology – a science of church bell-ringing – the book “Belarusian chime: a thousand years of the tradition” applied Belarusian radiotional bell-ringing art to the list of the intangible cultural heritage of Belarus and later – UNESCO.

“In Belarusian churches, even in the smalles villages, the unique bells had been retained. I won’t give the exact places, because sometimes after publications church treasures went missing. Even the melodies of chimes vary. A bell-ringing canon had been retained in 19 Belarusian churches – a situation unique for the post-Soviet region”, – the scientist tells to Zviazda newspaper.

This May the book of Aliona Šaćko will be presented which, among other facts, includes surprising discoveries: e.g. the scientist proves that inscriptions on the bells began to be made on the bells not in XIV century, as it is supposed, but much earlier, and proves it by demonstrating a fragemnt of a bell with an inscription of XII century found on the Castle hill in Hrodna.

Aliona Šaćko points out the problem that Belarusian seminaries do not teach campnology.

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