10 March


370 years ago, on 10 March, 1646

The King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania, a titular King of Sweden Wladislaw Vasa married Marie Louise Gonzaga, the daughter of the Duke of Mantua.

305 years ago, on 10 March, 1711

A subchancellor of GDL, poet and translator Michal Antoni Sapieha (1711-1760) was born.

235 years ago, on 10 March, 1781

A Latin poet, teacher, Catholic Jesuit priest Michal Koricky (1714-1781) died in Minsk.

90 years ago, on 10 March, 1926

One of the anti-Soviet underground leaders in Belarus, poet and ethnographist Vasił Suprun (1926-2007) was born.

70 years ago, on 10 March, 1946

A Belarusian and Russian actor Uladzimir Hasciuchin was born.

45 years ago, on 10 March, 1971

A Belarusian football player and trainer Jury Šukanaǔ was born.

5 years ago, on 10 March, 2011

A Belarusian writer and translator Janka Sipakoǔ (1936-2011) died.

A Belarusian politologist Sviatlana Naumava (1956-2011) died.

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