11 March


615 years ago, on 11 March, 1401

Wiłna union was formed in Radom between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland.

295 years ago, on 11 March, 1721

A Calvinist pastor, a Reformation activist in GDL and Poland, a native of Belarus, Jerzy Rekuc (1670-1721) died.

110 years ago, on 11 March, 1906

A Belarusian revolutionary and terrorist Ivan Pulichaǔ (1879-1906) was hanged.

105 years ago, on 11 March, 1911

A Greek Catholic priest, public activist and historian Leǔ Haroška (1911-1977) was born.

A Soviet physicist Arkadi Migdal (1911-1991) was born in Belarus.

85 years ago, on 11 March, 1931

Import of Bibles was prohibited in the USSR.

75 years ago, on 11 March, 1941

A Belarusian politician and publisher Aliaksandr Ulasaǔ (1874-1941) died in exile in Siberia.

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