Pastoral Guardianship Of Catholic Journalists Being Organized In Belarus


On 9 March in the curia of Catholic Minsk-Mahilioǔ archdiocese a meeting took place between the diocese’s bishop-suffragan Jury Kasabucki, the chairman of the mass media Council of the Conference of Catholic Bishos in Belarus, f. Jury Sańko, the head of CCBB press service, and Maksim Hacak, the editor-in-chief of portal.

During the meeting a possibility was discussed of organizing the Pastoral guardianship of Catholic journalists, this initiative being proposed by Maksim Hacak at the press conference in December of 2015. Bishop Kasabucki supported this initiative and emphasized the importance of evangelization through media.

Possible forms of guardianship were discussed, following measures proposed, the firs of which is scheduled to the post-Easter period. The format is in discussion.

We ask all interested to send their ideas considering organization of pastoral guardianship of Catholic journalists in Belarus to