Supreme Court Denied Registration To Christian Democratic Movement For Good



On 14 March Valiancina Kulik, the Supreme Court judge, who is infamous for finding legal liquidation of human rights centre “Viasna” and non-registration of BCD and the movement “Za svabodu”, found non-registration of Christian Democratic Movement by the Ministry of Justice legal.

“The decision was expected by us after a court session which looked more like a circus show. The judge, attorney and the chairman of the Ministry of Justice had an aim not to follow the law but to defend political decision imposed on the Ministry. If they think that it will somehow influence our actions in defense of the citizens, they are wrong. We will continue our work in the fields we stated on the consitutent assembly, and we will continue our attempts of getting registered until the Ministry of Justice will register Christian Democratic Movement”, – the chairman of CDM Vołha Kavałkova said, stated CDM sources to

At the same time she proposed to award Valiancina Kulik, who has the Order of Honor, an award “for an impeccable copying of the decision of the Ministry of Justice”. It should be noticed that the Ministry’s representatives were not present at the reading of verdict.

“On the eve of the Constitution Day the Supreme Court of Belarus deprived us of constitutional rights for equality of all citizens before the law and for the freedom of associations. Perhaps, the experience of Eastern European regimes after the fall of Communism and of Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity haven’t taught Belarusian officials anything. They are not afraid neither of God’s Judgement nor the judgement of history”, – deputy chairman of CDM Maksim Hacak emphasized.

At the moment a superviosion complaint to the Supreme Court’s decision is being drafted. Besides, CDM’s constituent committee is going to file a complaint in order to the state registration being revoked from pro-regime organizations (Belarusian Women Union lead by Minister Maryanna Ščotkina, BRSM, Social Democratic Party of National Concord, Republican Party etc.) the charters of which have the same infringements, on the basis of which CDM has been denied registration.