Traditional Family Values Defending Youth Movement Established In Brest Diocese

Белаазёрск, моладзьBrest Orthodox diocese declared on 11 March creation of a youth movement “True Life”, that will defend traditional family values, with the center in Resurrection cathedral in Brest.

The movement is headed by Jaǔhienija Marozava, the cathedral’s social worker. The society’s plans include carrying out seminars, conferences, holiday meetings, family events in order to propagate traditional family values and chaste relationships between young men and girls, and also to protect lives of unborn children, reports.

“Mommy, let me live” event took place in Bielaaziorsk

On 8 March members of youth brotherhood of St. Serafim church in Bielaaziorsk carried out a street event called “Mommy, let me live”. Lead by the brotherhood’s leader father Aleksij Aliachnovič and confessor Arciemij Dziačok, young people were handing out leaflets and pamphlets in protection of the lives of unborn children.

A part of leaflets had been given to the gynecology ward of the local hospital.