Bishop Biruk: Freedom Of Religion Was Prayed For On Knees


On the 13 March the “Light of Life” Church hosted a fetive service dedicated its 40th anniversary. “On the one side 40 years is a solid age. On the other hand we say ti’s only a beginning. Bless us the Lord to follow this way!” – sayd the church’s pastor Uladzimir Žybryk.

Uladzimir Suščenia, the pastor of “Bethyl” church, who stand at the origin of the church, congratulated the congregation on behalf of his church and told how everything began, how the church was growing, how difficult the registration was, how people were gathering wherever they could, how they were being fined and searched and how finally a prayer house had been built. “I thank God that tody we have such freedom”, – he emphasized and prayed for the church and blessed its further ministry, the church’s site reports.

Later the chairman of the Bible Society in Belarus Aliaksandr Firysiuk congratulated the Church with the anniversary and gave congratulations from Baptist Christians. Brothers and sisters from Nigeria came as well to congratulate the Church and to serve with singing.

The bishop deputy of the united Pentecostal Church in Belarus Lieanid Biruk, who turned to God, received baptism and married in this church, congratulated the Church on behalf of “Bethany” church and Missionary Committee and thanked the church for a missionary labor. “The history of a church is a history of separate people. A Church is a community of saved people. Gathering together we remember people who stood at the origins. The freedom we have had been prayed for on knees”, – he said.

Festive services in the “Light of Life” will continue from 14 to 18 March at 7 p.m. and on 20 March at 10 a.m. The services will be participated in by bishops Siarhiej Cvor, Mikalaj Stasilievič, pastors of churches from Minsk, Staubcy, Zaslauł, Salihorsk, Siniehau, Rakau and Mar’jina Horka.

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