19 March


The Feast of Saint Joseph

Celebrated according to the Gregorian calender.

575 years ago, on 19 March, 1441

The Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia, the Papal legat for Poland, GDL and Livonia Isidor came to Moscow where he had been arrested for the support of the unia.

405 years ago, on 19 March, 1611

A rebellion against Belarusian-Polish garrison began in Moscow.

95 years ago, on 19 March, 1921

A Belarusian historian of law, a public activist Iosiu Jucha (1921-2004) was born.

85 years ago, on 19 March, 1931

A Belarusian historian and an expert in literature Hiennadź Kisialiou (1931-2008) was born.

10 years ago, on 19 March, 2006

Presidential elections took place in Belarus.

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