How Belarusian Tried To Register FM Radio And What They Got


Despite numerous attempts, neither faithful nor religious communities of Belarus managed to organize religious FM-broadcast.

Thus, in 2015 an attempt began to register a Catholic Radio Maria as a public organization with father Aliaksandr Tarasievič being an executive editor and secular faithful being constitutors. But the process was hindered by many difficulties. “The officials don’t know whos responsibility it is”, – told Jury Sańko, the presse secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference in Belarus, to Forum 18.

Particularily, the Ministry of Justice claims that the registration must be issued by the administration of the Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities. The administration claims that a radion is not a religious organization and doesn’t have to do anything with them. Nevertheless, f. Jury Sańko expressed his optimism in relation to the radio because “the dialog goes on”.

Meanwhile, when the Belarusian Orthodox Church tried to run an Orthodox radio in Belarus, the Ministry of communications and information claimed that there are no free FM-frequencies in Belarus. “We wait for a legal oportunity but for now we have programms on state channels”, – told f. Sierhij Liepin, the BOC press secretary.

Previously BOC also tried to organize radio Sophia, but funds for broadcast were insufficient and the radio soon had been shut down.

Siarhiej Cvor, the bishop of the United Pentecostal Church mentioned that UPC hadn’t applied for registration of the radio, because, according to him, it is impossible.