Aliaksiej Ščadrou: Authorities Don’t Like “Scum” Living At My Shelter

The chairman of the village council and a local policeman visited the shelter in Aliaksandrauka village in Ščučyn district organized by a Catholic believer Aliaksiej Ščadrou.

This time they were interested why ex-convicts, who have nowhere to live, live in the shelter. “They were picing on it. Why are they liveing here? Why do you accept them?” – told Aliaksiej Ščadrou in his interview to the BCD press sevice.

According to him, when on e of the ex-convicts asked to help him the officials answered that they will not help him.

On 28 April the founder of the shelter had been called to the village council for the same reason. Then the local policeman told that the ex0convicts might steal somrthing or kill somebody. “Let old people live at your shelter, not this scum”, – Aliaksiej Ščadrou quoted the policeman.

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