11 April


5 years ago, on 11 April, 2011

15 poeple were killed in a terrorist attack in Minsk metro.

10 years ago, on 11 April, 2006

The Druck vicariate of Viciebsk Orthodox diocese of the BOC was created.

30 years ago, on 11 April, 1986

A Belarusian biologist and a writer Michail Hančaryk (1899-1986) died.

65 years ago, on 11 April, 1951

A Belarusian Orthodox activist, the bishop of Brest and Mahiliou Safroni (Juščuk) was born.

75 years ago, on 11 April, 1941

The Mahiliou radiobroadcasting networks authority was established.

80 years ago, on 11 April, 1936

A Belarusian emigration activist, a painter, a chairperson of BNR Ivonka Survilla was born.

185 years ago, on 11 April, 1831

The rebels defeated Russian troops near Porick.

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