13 April


360 years ago, on 13 April, 1656

The army of the Grand Hietman of Lithuania Paval Jan Sapieha liberated Lublin from Swedes.

145 years ago, on 13 April, 1871

A Catholic bishop of Vilno, saint Jury Matulievič (1871-1927) was born.

70 years ago, on 13 April, 1946

An Orthodox Metropolitan of Novgorod and Old Russia Lev (Cierpicki) was born in Belarus.

50 years ago, on 13 April, 1966

A Belarusian essay writer, translator and painter Jury Barysievič was born.

25 years ago, on 13 April, 1991

Catholic Minsk-Mahiliou archdiocese and Hrodna diocese were established.

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