Anton Astapovič: BOC Head Initiated Destruction Of Historical Heritage

Освобождения 6

Anton Astapovič, the chairman of the Belarusian voluntary society of protection of the historical and cultural heritage, published the letter of the Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslauł Pavel, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, to the deputy prime minister Natałła Kačanava, in which the head of BOC asks to exclude the buildings on the Vyzvaliennia str., 6, 6a and 8, which are a part of a historical landscape of Minsk, from the list of historical monuments.

As it is known, it is Vyzvaliennia street where the construction of the Spiritual and administrative centre of BOC is planned, the place of a future construction being blessed by the hierarch on 30 March.

Освобождения 8“These buildings hadn’t been used for more than 25 years. One of them is in an accident condition and another, which is attached to it, is a ruin.

The erosion of ground and foundation are a cause of a possible crumbling of the buildings on Vyzvaliennia street which can cause a sufficient damage to the cars parked nearby and to cause severe trauma for pedestrians.

For many times homeless people, children and adolescents had broken into these dangerous structures. The facts of destruction of fences, metallic and wooden constructions are known.

In 1998 the state organizations Construction Industry Scientific Research Project Institute and Histroical and Cultural Heritage Protection Committee had evaluated the state of these constructions.

Even in those years the evaluation acts stated that the buildings are in a very unsatisfactory, accident and ruined condition. Reconstruction is considered unreasonable. Many years passed since that time and these buildings had became even more decayed”.

While explaining that it is planned to build the Resurrection Church that stayed here before the 19th century and a Spiritual Administrative Center of the BOC, “built in accordance with the style of the existing cityscape”, Metropolitan Pavel asks to exclude the aforementioned bulidings from the list of historical heritage “because they have no historical imporance and are not culturally or architecturally significant”.

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