Believers Of Different Confessions Prayed For Belarus

An ecumenical meeting prayer for Belarus took place at the night of 12 April.

At its beginning it was blessed by Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz who noticed an important role of an unending prayer for Belarus and thanked the initiators of the prayer for Belarus run and its participants (about 150 people), who devote their time for a day-and-night prayer for Belarus.

Then young people of different confessions (Roman and Greek Catholics, Orthodoxes, Protestants) presented small reflections on the topic of patriotism and faith. The participants of the prayer asked God for every Belarusian to recognize that the history of his own, his family and people is a part of the great history of mankind’s salvation, a part of the history of dignity and truth defeating the falsity of sin.

At the end of the prayer the participants took hands of each other and read paternoster together.

The music of Laudans band, performed on ancient instruments, was a great accompniament.

Photos by Paval Hadzinski