Representatives of BOC Dioceses Will Discuss Hospital Ministry


On 12 April the Synidal department of church charity and social ministry of the BOC held the first session of the workgroup for preparation of meting the heads of diocesan church charity and social ministry departments with the participation of the Mercy Sisterhoods Union.

The meeting will take place on 2 June at the Republican applied medical assessment and rehabilitation centre  at Haradzišča village in Minsk district and will deal with hospital ministry. The workgroup consists of the chairman of the Synodal church charity and social ministry department of the BOC protopriest Kiryll Šolkau, the executive secretary of the Mercy Sisterhoods Union of the BOC Aliona Zienkievič, the head of the mercy sisters’ school of the BOC Nadzieja Asinkina and other representatives of the BOC social ministry, reports.

The heads of diocesan church charity and social ministry departments, senior sisters of dioceses, oncologists and rehabilitologists will participate in the meeting. The Republican applied medical assessment and rehabilitation centre  has been chosen as a meeting platform because it is the only specialized facility for patients’ rehabilitation after radical cancer treatment with an Orthodox chapel in Belarus. During the meeting joint sessions and thematical sections for clergy, medics, senior sisters and MSU representatives will be held.

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