Nick Vujicic Promised To Pray For Belarus (Photos)

A motivational orator and a Christian Evangelist from Australia Nick Vujicic gave speech on 15 April at Minsk Arena. Many Belarusians with disabilities came to the listen to the speech of the world-famous orator without hand or legs.

During his speech Vujicic mentioned that nobody is a mistake and that every person is precious. He also urged the gathered to help their neighbors as musch as possible: to adopt a child, to help orphans, to feed the hungry, to love one’s enemies.

“You can think of me as a brother to Belarus. I love you. I want to help your country. I will pray for your government, for your media , for your education system”, – claimed Vujicic at the end of his speech.

Healso said that he wants to visit Belarus again. “Ilove you. I believe in you. I believe you will find the faith in God”, – he emphasized.

At the end of speech the orator hugged with the audience, first of all with people with disabilities.

Photos by Nadzieja Hacak.