Communist Party High-Ranking Member: Time Has Come To Repent Party’s Sins And To Reconcile With God


The ex-secretary of the Central Committe and a member of a revision committee of a pro-governmental Communist Party of Belarus Mikalaj Valovič received an unction from Metroplitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz during which he chose apostle Peter as his celestial guardian.

He also doesn’t see any contradicitions between Communist ideology and Christian faith. According to him CPB today is not arguing with the Church and treats all religious confessions with respect and doesn’t propagate militant atheism, Radio Svaboda reports.

“The Communist Party had made some mistakes previously and the church leaders made mistakes as well. John Paul II repented the Church’s sins. Perhaps, the time has come for the party’s leadersto repent the party’s sins as well and to reconcile with God and the Church”, – he said.

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