Maryna Chomič: By Refusing Religion Lessons In Schools Belarus Remian In Soviet Education System

By refusing studying religion at schools Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko wants to retain Soviet educational system, the leader of Young Christian Democrats Maryna Chomič stated in her comment to She participated in the project of national school system reform. She also mentioned that religion studies are present in most European schools.

“The studying of the basics of Christian and ethics will help spiritual revification of Belarusians, youth and society. This subject will promote better understanidng of denominations represented in the country, promote peace between denominations and protect Belarusians from totalitarian sects”, – the YCD leader told.

BCD propagates mandatory religion studies at comprehensive schools. The Christian democrats believe that with that aim a respective speciality should be provided at pedagogy colleges. The representative of traditional Belarusian confessions can also be invited for classes. A religion program will be aimed at teaching basic principles of Christian denominations in Belarus, their development, history and a peaceful coexistence with non-Christian denominations of Belarus – Judaism and Islam. The course will be aimed at teaching students respect to all religious confessions, to promote mutual trust between representatives of different denominations, stated the BCD project.

As has previously informed, Alexnader Lukashenko stated in his address on 21 April that he won’t introduce religious studies in Belarusian schools.

23.04.2016 Belarus|