Christian Journalists Of Different Denominations Met In Minsk


On 23 April journalists writing on Christian subjects met at the Red Catholic Church. The journalists of Orthodox, Greek Catholic and Prtoestant Churches met under one roof.

The main subject of the meeting was a dilemma of a radioservice. The press secretary of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops in Belarus f. Jury Sańko read a report on the subject of radio and television broadcast of God’s services. He underlined the fact that those believers who think that listening to a Mass is equal to participating in tit are wrong. To fulfil one of the God’s commandments, one have to attend the Mass directly.

The priest had also explained the invalidity of broadcasted masses by a time delay: “It should be noticed that the broadcasting will have a several-seconds lag, which means that are not actually participating in the service”. But when a priest blesses the believers it applies even to those who watch it on television.


Father Jury had also mentioned that priests, deacons and ministrants are not prepared to work for the camera well enough. In Western countries there are special courses for clergy. “In Munich me and other priests attended courses where we were taught how to give interview and how to pray in front of cameras, – the press secretary remembered. – There is no such activity in Belarus”.

The importance of journalists working to conciliate denominations was mentioned: “In the scope of interdenominational relations Belarus is a unique country. And with your materials you can make people open to each other even more”.


Father Jury mentioned the good work of Belarusian journalists who highlighted the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill. The press secretary especially mentioned the work of Belarus24 channel where for the first time unofficially met metropolitans Pavel and Tadeusz.

The press secretary had admitted the mistakes previously made by the Catholic Church in work with the press. A decade ago Catholic priests were closed for press, but today the clergy began open dialog not only with journalists but with ordinary believers as well. It is supported by the fact that the notion of press-meeting is replacing the notion of press conference.


Albert Kazarian, the representative of Brest Movement For Protection Of Life And Family Values, was a special guest of the meeting: “I found out that my mother before giving birth to me had made several abortions. And I decided to devote my life to prohibit abortions in our country”, – he said. Albert told about the success of events aimed at informing the population of all ages about the value of life. One of the biggest events was the “Tent”. For thirty-two days a tent was standing on the street where volunteers told passers-by about the terrors of abortions, making surveys and offering thematic pamphlets.

A Mass was organized for the meeting participants, where journalists prayed to God to act through their words.

The next meeting is planned to the late June.

Viktoryja Čaplieva