Bishop Safroni Spoke On Necessity Of Church-Government Cooperation In Upbringing Youth


A science conference “Religion and Morals: Traditions In Belarusian Spiritual Culture” took place on 20 April at Mahiliou regional institute of developement, in which Bishop of Mahiliou Safroni and the head of Spiritual Education Centre of Mahiliou diocese Professor Siarhiej Somau participated.

The subject field of the conference included the next subjects: “Cultural Dialogue: secularity and religious worldview in the public consciousness of Belarusian people in the environment of mrals shift”, “Christian moral values and Belarusian spiritual culture”, “Functions of religious culture in modern society”, “religious study component in modern school education”, reports.

While addressing the gathering with an introductory word Bishop Safroni emphasized the necessity of the further developement of cooperation between the Church and the state in the field of society’s spiritual education, especially among the young people.

At the plenary part of the meeting the head of the Mahiliou diocesan spiritual education centre, the head of the department of literature and intercultural communications of Arkadź Kuliašou MSU, assistant professor Siarhiej Somau told about pedagogical work of Archbishop of Mahiliou and Belarus Georgy Kanissky.