Belarus Hopes To Intensify Its Relations With Malta Order


The Prime Minister of Belarus Andrej Kabikaou met the Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta Albrecht von Boeselager on 26 April. The parties discussed the prospects of future cooperation, including activisation of cooperation in the humanitarian field, the sources in the Belarusian government told.

The head of the government mentioned that the Grand Chancellor’s visit to Minsk on the day of the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster “clearly demonstrates the Order’s sympathetic attitude” towards the problems that Belarus faced.

According to him, Minsk counts upon the Order’s support in the implementation of humanitarian, cultural and other projects. The prime minister  highlighted the Order’s positive role in providing equipment and medicine for Belarusian healthcare institutions, organizing foreign internship for Belarusian medics and in humanitarian aid program.

He stated that Belarus would be very grateful to the Order of Malta for possible participation in joint medical and reconstruction projects, especially on the territories affected by the Chernobyl incident.

Andrej Kabiakou also mentioned the interest of Belarus in the projects of socialization and support of people with disabilities, supply of the equipment for medical examintaion of population of contaminated areas, reconstruction and equipment of children’s regional hospital in Homiel.

As a result of the talks the parties signed a declaration of intentions of bilateral cooperation in the fields of mutual interests.

On 25 April Albrecht von Boeselager met the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makiej. During the meeting the parties discussed the possible ways of intensification of bilateral cooperation with an accent on joint humanitarian projects, the MFA sources told.

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