30 April


395 years ago, on 30 April, 1621

A GDL statesman and military commander Jan Sicynski (1560-1621) died.

155 years ago, on 30 April, 1861

A Polish historian and philospher Marian Zdziechowski (1861-1938) was born in Belarus.

135 years ago, on 30 April, 1881

A Belarusian teacher and poet Janka Žurba (Ivan Ivašyn; 1881-1964) was born.

115 years ago, on 30 April, 1901

An American economist, a Nobel prize winner Simon Kuznets (1901-1985) was born in Belarus.

95 years ago, on 30 April, 1921

The Riga peace treaty came into force, that separated Belarus in two parts.

60 years ago, on 30 April, 1956

A Belarusian poet and Christian democratic activist Iryna Bahdanovič was born.

55 years ago, on 30 April, 1961

A future assassin of John Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oaswald married in Minsk.

5 years ago, on 30 April, 2011

A Belarusian poet and prose writer Valiancina Koutun (1946-2011) died.

A Belarusian Orthodox priest Ihar Umiec (1964-2011) died.

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