1 May


    Resurrection of Christ

    Is celebrated according to the Julian calender.

    440 years ago, on 1 May, 1576

    The coronation and wedding of the King of Poland ant the Grand Duke of Lithuania Stefan Batory.

    265 years ago, on 1 May, 1751

    The Great Navahrudak Fire.

    110 years ago, on 1 May, 1906

    A Communist activist in West Belarus and historian Aliaksandra Bergman  (1906-?) was born.

    85 years ago, on 1 May, 1931

    A Belarusian poet, writer and critic Alieh Lojka (1931-2008) was born.

    35 years ago, on 1 May, 1981

    Belarusian football players Aliaksandr Hlieb and Cimafiej Kalačou were born.

    30 years ago, on 1 May, 1986

    A Belarusian writer and critic Sciapan Alieksanrovič (1921-1986) was born.

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